Current Exhibition

The Ticking of Time

If there is one single element that surrounds us that we cannot avoid, time must be that one. Witness of our passing life, best friend or worst enemy, time is everywhere and we often see it as a challenge.

The Ticking of Time is an exhibition of design creations displaying time in various ways.

With works from around the world by renowned designers such as Maarten Baas, Formafantasma, Humans Since 1982, Susanna Hertrich or Frank Buchwald, The Ticking of Time will tease your curiosity and reassess your own appreciation of time.

The Gallery at Emaar Pavilion offers visitors the chance to see coordinated, feared, disposable, vintage and luxurious ways of reading time.

This exhibition has been curated by Cyril Zammit, Design Days Dubai Fair Director and Director of Design at Art Dubai Group.